I was not a Soprano fan, sorry to those of you who were, but when I read the notice this morning that one of the actresses who starred on that show passed away from liver cancer, I had to comment on it.  Denise Borino-Quinn was only 46 years old and left this world way to soon from a disease that has affected many families.  I am talking about cancer, more specifically liver cancer.  She was also a legal secretary prior to being chosen from over 14,000 people for the part on the Sopranos and played the part of mafia wife, Ginny Sack.

Denise Borino-Quinn

In an interview in 2000, Denise said that she wanted to be remembered for being genuinely nice and having the ability to bring a smile to someone’s face.  From everything I have read about her, I think she achieved this.  I just wish we weren’t having to say we will remember her already.  Denise lost her husband Luke Quinn, Jr. in March.  My thoughts are with her family

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