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In a recent article written by Vicki Voisin, regarding a paralegal who donated the firm’s used paper to her child’s school which had client information on it, it reminded me how we can get busy and take for granted the information we have in our care for our clients. You can read her article, Oops! Paralegal Donates Firms Used Paper to School, here.

We just hired a new receptionist for our office who will also be assisting with paralegal duties in the very near future.  Reading the article by Vicki reminded me that I need to go over the confidentiality of our clients information with the receptionist and to take a look at our offices practice of what documents are shredded or not, and what documents are being put in the recycle box.

I believe it is important to ensure that our client’s information is kept confidential, from not leaving the client files laying out for other clients to see when they come in for an appointment to redacting account numbers for bank accounts and credit card accounts, and especially keeping the client’s social security information and even their address confidential when submitting documents to the opposing counsel or the court.

Our attorneys are considered liable for any negligence of their employees, (we the paralegals and anyone else in the office) so this might be a good time for all of us to take a look at what measures we are taking to ensure that the client information is secure within our respective offices.  After all, I don’t want my personal information floating around for anyone to see, so I treat the client’s information as if it was my own, shouldn’t you do the same?

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