As some of you may remember, we recently hired a new receptionist at our firm.  She is in her mid 20’s and this week will be her fourth week with us. She is doing a great job and picking up our little quirks very quickly. We were all reminded a few days ago how things have changed with office equipment when the receptionist was given a project by one of the attorneys and was asked to type the document and return it.

The "QWERTY" layout of typewriter ke...

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It seems that she has never seen a typewriter let alone used one! They don’t teach it in high school anymore and apparently don’t even explain what one is.

After a quick lesson the receptionist was off and typing and some of us (me) were reminded how long we have been doing this office work. (I actually learned to type on a manual typewriter, does that make me old?) I don’t think so, just well seasoned!

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