English: New Year's Day postcard mailed in 190...

English: New Year’s Day postcard mailed in 1909. It reads: “A New Year’s Resolution / Jan. 1st / Good Resolution / Each resolution that I make / My conscience surely troubles / Because I find they always break / As easy as Soap bubbles” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2013 flew by so fast and I was so busy that I didn’t post anything for months.  Shame on me!  My New Year’s Resolution (I never make them, by the way) is to post more often and to post more articles for paralegals.  That is my goal, we will see if I can do it.

Perhaps someone will have to remind me to post or maybe as a paralegal I should calendar it and stop finding excuses for not posting!

Happy New Year and let’s make this year a better one than last year!

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