Come on in, sit down and take a look at my site.  I have been blogging for awhile now on other sites that I am associated with and have recently made some changes, like building this website.  My goal is to give Paralegals some information to make their professional, and maybe even their personal lives a little easier.  During this rough economical time, we could all use some help.  Feel free to comment or make recommendations.

I have been a Paralegal for over 10 years in California.  I have worked in Criminal Defense, Civil Litigation, Family Law and I recently started working with an attorney in Bankruptcy Law.  I find the legal field interesting, fast paced and sometimes frustrating.

There are many misconceptions about attorneys.  Contrary to popular belief, not all attorneys are rich and care only about themselves and how they can make money.  I have had the privilege of working with attorneys who care about their clients, their staff and truly love what they do.

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