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According to an article in the ABA Journal, The State Bar of California is firing back after its former executive director claimed in a lawsuit that he was fired for exposing “egregious improprieties.”

The bar says the lawsuit by fired executive director Joe Dunn is “baseless” and his claims of being a whistleblower are

Senator Joe Dunn 2

Senator Joe Dunn 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“bewildering” because it was his job to manage the bar’s operations and employees.

Dunn claimed in his lawsuit (PDF) that he was told of his firing Nov. 7, just days after he and seven other anonymous complainants filed whistleblower notices with the bar. The bar publicly announced Dunn’s departure last Thursday, and Dunn filed his suit a few hours later.

The state bar emphasizes different points in the timeline of events.

“The lawsuit filed by Mr. Dunn is baseless,” the statement says, “and falsely suggests that the termination decision was motivated by the receipt of letters from [Dunn’s] attorney Mark Geragos stating that unnamed whistleblowers had complaints regarding state bar officials and operations.”

“At no time prior to Nov. 13 was Joe Dunn ever identified as a whistleblower, and he never brought any such claims to the board,” the statement says. “Indeed, it’s bewildering to hear Mr. Dunn claim he is a whistleblower since as the executive who is head of the entire organization he is responsible for managing operations and the over 500 employees, and he only belatedly raised claims after he was given notice of termination of his employment agreement, and after a settlement discussion with his counsel at the Girardi & Keese firm reached an impasse on Nov. 12.” Dunn was never identified as a whistleblower during those discussions, the bar said.

Many accusations by both Dunn and the Bar have been made.  You can check out the first article in the ABA Journal here and the subsequent article here.  Go to this link, for more on the current article in the ABA Journal.


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